W E 1 C 0 M E

Feb 7, 2012

a work for Jesus

I confide to anything
So I have to hide from everything
Everybody wants a piece of me
You see origin and cease to be
Sit back and let it happen
Let us take your time away
I don't understand you
I don't want your time of day
If you're gonna walk, might as well walk your way
Always up the hallways
Forget the punk, I pack the funk
I'm gonna take a piece of you
Making money for good health
But first I learn to see myself
You've promised me poems

I rue the day that I ever met you
And deeply regret you getting close to me
I cannot wait to deeply neglect you
Deeply forget you, Jesus believe me
You promised me poems
You might have been my reason for livin'
I gave up on givin', gave up everything
We were a right pair of believers
A couple of dreamers
So how come you hate me?
You promised me poems

Dreamed of ringing voices
And contemplated choices
Taste like a fresh kiss
To heighten my awareness
With all fairness, greatness, with gratitude
And simply rhymes with gratitude
Now do promotion and TV, and ya still can't see We
Down the hill cascade
And keep away the masquerade
Dreamed of ringing voices
And you promised me poems