W E 1 C 0 M E

Jul 22, 2011

Dracula 3D

Carlo Pagani, me and Pier Leonio Bertoli

Group Photo

Francesco Rossini

Sergio Verna - Elag Italy

Ricetto of Candelo

me and Dario Argento

Castle of Montalto Dora

me and Antonello Geleng


Group Photo
(standing from left) Paolo Boggio, Ethan Baruzzo, Pier Leonio Bertoli, Emanuele Bellan, Manuela Corapi, Ivan and Sergio Verna
(seated) me and Serena Muscas

 Kisslinger Crypt - working on paper mache rocks
me (on scaffolding), Serena Muscas, Federica Russo, Manuela Corapi

  a glimpse of the Barrack Room


Rutger Hauer in the Crypt

Asia Argento

Marta Gastini and Rutger Hauer

Rutger Hauer in the Asylum

Unax Ugalde with Dracula welcome message

sarcophagus of Dracula's wife

Dario Argento, entrance of the Crypt